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5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone

2-Axis Electronic Stabilization Gimbal Brushless Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF With Storage Bag
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F11 4K PRO brushless drone is an intelligent and powerful RC quadcopter, equipped with an advanced GPS system. The high definition camera allows you to take quality aerial footage. 5G wifi transmission ensures crystal live video transmission. Equipped with the"follow me" feature, this drone will stay above you automatically, keeping the camera centered on you at all times and capturing your every move. With a newly created intelligent battery, you will get flight times up to 26 minutes, giving you a more extensive flight experience!

Functions: 5G Wifi FPV, 4K camera, electronic image stabilization(EIS), APP control flight, GPS auto return, follow me, altitude hold, user-defined flight plan, orbit mode, hand gesture shooting, photo/video share, one key takeoff, 2-Axis stabilized gimbal, 26 minutes long flight time, etc.
Advanced 5G WiFi and 4K 2-Axis Stabilized Camera: The upgraded camera with 100° FOV (field of view) lens gives a panoramic view for recording your unforgettable moment. 5G wifi transmission ensures high-quality real-time video, ideals for selfie. Equipped with 4K cameras, capture amazing pictures and videos from the sky, with stable gimbal, the drone record vibration-free footage.
GPS Assisted Flight: Provides you with accurate positioning details of your drone. Built-in Return-to-Home (RTH) function for safer fly, the drone will automatically return to home precisely when its battery is low or the signal is weak when flying out of range, never worrying about losing the drone.
26 Mins Max Flight Time and Brushless Motor: The high-capacity 2500mAh intelligent battery yields up to 26mins flight time. The motor so quiet but very powerful when running. Breakdown rarely occurs and motor replacement is seldom required, which makes your flight more enjoyable.
Follow Me Mode and Orbit Mode: The drone will automatically follow and captures you wherever you move. Keeping you in the frame at all times, easier to get complex shots, provides hands-free flying and selfie. Orbit mode let the drone fly in a circle around a set way-point and make sure you will get panorama pictures and video. User-defined Flight Plan: Open the drone APP, use the flight plan at your fingertips, the copter will auto pilot as per the given path.
Gesture Photo/Video and Simple Control: You will break the old way of taking a photo and find the fresh new thing by making gestures to record your moment. (within the range of 100cm-300cm). Altitude hold and one key takeoff and GPS return home for easier operation, you will not have to worry about orientation and with the simple press of a button, your drone will rise to a height, perfect for beginners.
Warranty: If there are any problems, please contact our store in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: SJRC
Model: F11 4K PRO
Item name: GPS RC drone
Controller frequency: 2.4Ghz
Motor: 1806 brushless motor
GPS/GLONASS double mode: YES
Max storage: Support 32G-128GB SD card (not included)
Applicable mobile phone system: Android 5.0 above, iOS 9.0 above
Quadcopter size: 345 * 385(side length) * 80mm (unfolded); 192 * 110 * 80mm (folded)
Drone weight: About 565g
Age: ≥14

Camera: 4K
Photo resolution: 3840x2160P; 3840x2160P(SD card)
Video resolution: 1280x720P; 3840x2160P(SD card)
FOV: 100° F/2.15
Frame rate: 30fps

Drone battery: 11.1V 2500mAh
Drone battery flight time: About 26 mins
Drone battery charging time: About 4.5 hours
Controller battery: 3.7V 300mAh

2-axis Stabilized Gimbal
(Tilt) X: -35°~ 35°
(Roll)Y: -100°~70°
System: 2 axis

Control distance: 1500m (Free interference and no occlusion)
Max 5G Wifi image transmission distance: 800m
GPS follow me: About 10-100m
Image follow me: About 3-10m

* It is recommended NOT to fly indoors.
* The Drone has GPS function. Please fly the drone outside at open places, and make sure that there are at least 8 satellites are received.
* When you use the self-timer, please keep the right gesture and keep an appropriate distance (1-3 meter) from your drone.
* Before connecting cellphone with the Drone through APP, please consult your service provider if your smartphone support a 5G Wifi signal.
* The phone in the picture is not included. There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing conditions.
* Unable to take off: Before taking off, the drone must be paired with the remote controller, until the light not flash. To take off, you need to press the one-key takeoff button.
* APP can't control drones: When APP controls the drone and the drone cannot be connected to the remote controller, the drone needs to be calibrated, until the light not flash to take off.
* APP can't show the picture: You need to download the corresponding APP, first connect to the drone's WIFI, then confirm to keep the WiFi connection. The mobile phone system is best not to be too low or too high, because there may be incompatibility, try another mobile phone.
* Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries. Don't put it beside the high-temperature condition. Don't throw it into fire. Don't throw it into water.

Package information:
Package size: 28.5*26.5*13.5cm
Package weight: 1734g
Gift Box Package(include bag)

Packing list:
1 * F11 4K PRO RC drone
1 * Remote Controller
1 * Flight Battery
4 * Spare Propeller
1 * Tool Set
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1* Bag

5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
5G Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal RC Drone
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